Is there just too much physical, emotional and/or mental stress affecting you these days?

Did you ever wish that you didn’t have to experience sooo much stress in your life?

As health care providers, we have learned that although acupuncture and massage therapy does wonders in helping you manage your stress, it is the everyday self management tools that best keeps us living everyday well.

Recognizing this for ourselves we have put together a series of classes that offer you (and a friend if you would like) the opportunity to learn and especially practice everyday self management tools to Living Well. What does this mean Living Well?

Through many of our various studies and life experiences we’ve learned: “Living Well” means to journey through life with ease, comfort and grace regardless of what life presents; to create a life that brings you feelings of joy and contentment. Because we did not show up here on Earth school with a text book that outlines the “how to’s” for living well, we decided to share some of the self management tools that have served us in our journey to living life well!

The only way to experience these classes is to take all six (6) classes as they will build upon each other.

If participating in this class feels like something you would like to do, then please contact us so we can sign you up.

New Spring Classes begin: Tuesday, March 3 at 6:30
Cost: $200 for six classes

Click here for all the details: Art of Successful Living Flyer

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