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Wendy Adaska is an adventurer who appreciates all of life.

Her grandest adventure is her personal exploration to discover the Light of Truth contained within herself and everyone.

Wendy integrates her obtained academic knowledge (B.S., L.M.T.) with her extraordinary life experiences to assist others in bringing this Light of Truth to full illumination, thus revealing to the world what the mystical poet Rumi shared long ago, “You are the TRUTH from foot to brow. Now, what else would you like to know?” 

Wendy, is a self-proclaimed integrative professional specializing in the integration of body, mind and spirit for her clients. She bring over 20 years of body work experience to her table. She is a selfless giver that holds the space for all to heal; for all to understand the freedom from discomfort by having a balanced body, mind and spirit connection.

Her work using Mindful Centering during personal healing sessions is most profound as she once again holds the space of healing for all who wish to heal.

After receiving her B.S. from The Ohio State University, Wendy went on to study various healing techniques for the body, mind and spirit. Wendy is Licensed as a  Massage Therapist through the Ohio State Medical Board. 

Wendys goal is to help assist all who cross her path to heal themselves through the unification of their body with their mind and their spirit. 

Wendy lives in Westerville with her family. She enjoys reading, riding her recumbent bicycle, traveling, and studying Pilates.

Wendy is here to assistance you in the exploration, discovery, and illumination of your inner Light of Truth; your inner Light of Health.

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