We teach Mindful Centering with Personal Healing Sessions

Health begins when you find your balance; when you find that place of ease and comfort in all aspects of your life.

A Personal Healing Sessionis a way to get the individual attention you desire especially when life pulls you out of balance. 

When out of balance, your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body can experience a great deal of pain or discomfort.

It might show up as a physical illness, a relationship break up you can’t handle, financial worries that make you sick, a work dilemma that causes ill feelings with a co-worker or a desire to just yell at the world!

No matter what out-pictures in your world, ancient and even modern traditions indicate that an effective way to interrupt this cycle of discomfort is to reconnect with one’s spiritual body.

These individualized sessions are designed to do just that, reconnect with your spiritual self; the self that knows the very best for you.

When the self is out of balance pain, illness, discomfort, anger, depression, self sabotaging patterns set in and take over our lives. This makes living well, impossible. 

Through the use of mindful centering, during the personal healing sessions, we are better able to connect with your spiritual self and start new by redirecting, re-affirming and changing the thought patterns which created your dis-comfort; your dis-ease.  You leave armed with new spiritual tools and thought patterns, comfort and ease naturally emerge.

To schedule your own Personal Healing Session and Mindful Centering, contact us.

*Personal Healing sessions are in no way a replacement for traditional counseling