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I started seeing Wendy Adaska after a fall resulting in a head injury and a 14 month long headache.  After exhausting all other testing and treatment options, it was suggested I try massage.  The first few visits she worked on releasing the muscles in my head and neck.  When I went for a few hours with no headache, I knew we were on to a solution for my headache.  That was 18 years ago.  Wendy has become part of my health and wellness team.  I see her twice a month and her massage helps keep me moving.  Wendy has also shared stretching exercises that help when spending time at my computer or in my other sedentary activities.  As long as Wendy is able, I will continue to be her client. Cindy

I have known Wendy for close to 20 years.  Her skills as a massage therapist are outstanding.  She always takes into consideration how your body is feeling and truly cares for you.  I have told her and many others that I would go without many things but I will never give up my messages!  They continually help me physically and the inner peace stays with me each day.  It is a necessity that helps me to live each day to the fullest.

Over the years I have known Wendy we have become good friends.  She has a deep spiritual connection that has helped me work through rough times with more clarity.  She strives to learn new ways to enrich the lives of others and has been quite successful.  Wendy always wants the best for everyone. She has a heart of gold.

I am blessed to have her in my life. Teri 

I have had the blessing of calling Wendy my spiritual life coach for the past eight months. I am proud to say that our monthly sessions have been a lifeline for me. Wendy has such a perceptive ability to channel exactly what I need to hear to get to my true, inner issues. She is compassionate, intuitive and passionate about helping me grow on my spiritual journey. I would highly recommend working with Wendy if you are ready to confront and address your true inner barriers to a more enlightened life. ~Laurie

Read Wendy’s Bio by clicking here.