Movement * Meditation * Healing Arts

What does “Self-Realization” mean?  It means to fulfill one’s own greatest potential. What is this potential? The potential is for health, prosperity, and inner contentment. All areas of life’s potential are available to us. And yet, for many of us the opportunity to fulfill our greatest potential feels elusive. We are not familiar with how to realize this potential. Here at the Center for Self-Realization’s you will get various opportunities to tap in, turn on, or tune up your potential through the experiences we offer.  

Check out all the events available to you at the Center for Self Realization! We have something for you!

Offering: Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Chinese Food Therapy, Herbal/Supplement Therapy, Massage Therapy, Group Meditation, Nia (movement therapy) Kundalini Yoga and various classes for your personal growth and realization.